Covid-19 rental relief program

This program has funding and there is no waitlist!
We are getting a lot of applications and as a result, it is taking a while to process. If you are wondering why you have not heard back or if you have other questions, please email us at or click the icon.

Program Summary

The COVID-19 Rent Relief Program is for renters who cannot afford to pay their rent due to circumstances related to the COVID 19 pandemic. This program expands upon the previous rent relief program through the Community Services Office.  You can apply for this expanded program even if you applied and received funds under the other program.

This program provides up to $1,000 per month for a maximum of three (3) months for rent not covered by any other Federal, State or Local program. The three month period is for prior months and/or the current month. The applicant is the renter and the benefit is paid directly to the landlord. If the landlord agrees to participate in the program, the landlord is postponing the balance of the payment, not forgiving it, and further agrees not to evict for non-payment of rent for the month(s) for which the COVID-19 Rent Relief was applied.


This program is for residents of Garland County Arkansas.

Housing that is Excluded

You are not eligible if you:

  • Get a Section 8 Voucher

  • Live in Section 8 apartments

  • Get Rental Assistance from USDA’s Rural Development.

  • Live in public housing.


You may qualify if your annual income is within the income limits on the table below. They are based on household size and your county. If you can afford to pay your rent from income of any sort or from savings or other liquid assets, you are not eligible.

Ability to Pay

You may qualify if you are unable to pay your rent due to circumstances directly related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Examples of changes in circumstances include but are not limited to:

  • being laid off;

  • having your place of employment closed;

  • reduction in hours of work;

  • having to stay home to care for your children because your day care or school has closed; or

  • other loss of income due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much will the program pay?

    The program may pay up to $1,000 per month per household for a maximum of three months (for up to a total of $3,000).

  • My rent is more than $1,000. What about the rest of it?
    Work with your landlord. This benefit will help but you still must pay the rest of your rent.

  • If the $1,000 maximum benefit is all I can pay right now, will I be evicted?

    You will not be evicted for the month that your landlord accepts the payment. By accepting payment, the landlord agrees not to evict you for non-payment of rent for the month for which the payment is made. This protection from eviction does not extend to evictions due to other non-compliance with the lease provisions or failure to pay rent for other months’ rent not covered in this program.

  • Should I tell my landlord that I am applying?

    Yes. Communication between you and your landlord is very important. Most landlords do not want to lose good tenants and good communication can only help. It is also important for them to know that you’ve applied because they are required to fill out paperwork to receive these funds.

  • How will the application be processed? How will the landlord get paid?

    When you submit your application, the Community Services Office, your local Community Action Agency will process the application. They will contact you directly to confirm the information provided on the application. They will then contact your landlord. The landlord will agree to accept the payment and to not evict you for any rent remaining due that month. Once the landlord agrees and fills out required paperwork, CSO will make a payment directly to the landlord. It is very important to remember that payments cannot be made until all required documentation has been submitted by the applicant and received from the landlord.

  • Can I apply for rent due in the same month or only rent that is already due?
    If you owe rent for past months, you can apply for help for those months for up to three months. You can also apply for the current month at the same time. If you think that you will not be able to pay your rent for an upcoming month, you may apply on or after the first day of that month.

  • How long will the program run?

    The program will run until the funds are exhausted or the program ends.

  • What if my landlord refuses to participate?
    We hope that landlords will participate in this program and accept payments. However, there is nothing we can do to require the landlord to participate.

Application & More Info

Applications for the COVID Rental Relief Program – Expanded will processed by the Community Services Office, a Community Action Agency. You may apply for each month’s rent you cannot pay up to three (3) months total. The benefit is retroactive, so you may apply for past months and the current month at the same time. You may not apply for a future month. You will need to apply again if need help for future months and have not reached the maximum $3,000 limit.

Please click the link below to download an application.